Frequently Asked Questions

 Wire Marker Pricing

Q. How can you sell your books for half the price of your competitor’s Porta-Packs?

We’re committed to providing the best prices to our customers. That’s why we’ve created a business where low prices are standard. We buy directly from the manufacturer, cutting out any intermediaries or 3rd parties, which means that we can negotiate for the best prices. We don’t pay distributers; instead, the factories ship directly to you so that you get the fastest turn around time. As an internet company we don’t employ any salesman or distribute any catalogs, so we don’t need to and any premiums to our prices. Our prices are simply what it costs to get you the products you order quickly.

 Wire Marker Quality

Q. How similar is are your wire markers to those I buy now from my local electrical distributor?

We use the same vinyl cloth as the “big boys” and actually believe that our adhesive is superior to others. With terrific pull strength specs (Adhesion to steel is 40 oz./in.) and with a temperature range of -40°F to 250°F we line up very well. Contractors have been buying our books and cards for over 30 years! We pride ourselves on our crisp black print and white background.

Q. How repositionable are the wire markers after I place them on a wire?

For the first 48 hours, you should have no problem repositioning and moving them. After a week, you will find that they have already begun to set firmly. The adhesive on our wire markers is one of the features we are proudest of – we believe that it is superior to most of our competition – so don’t be surprised when wire markers stick on fully and don’t come off over time.

 Wire Marker Shipping

Q. How quickly do you ship your Wire Marker Books and Wire Marker Cards?

We have a huge inventory and stock over 500 different number, letter and symbol variations. Over 90% of our orders ship in one day!