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Wire Marker Books and Wire Markers for All

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History of Wire Markers
Wire Marker History
Read the fascinating history of how Wire Markers have come to be so important.
Wire Marker Books
We specialize in Wire Marker Books and all types of wire markers and sell them at the best price online, guaranteed. Why are we the favorite of savvy contractors and engineers? Here are five great reasons we are the #1 source online for these books.

Conformable. Our wire markers conform around even the smallest of wire gauges. Made from plastic coated cloth, our markers lead the industry in conformability.

Anti-Flagging. There is nothing worse than a wire marker that flags. Tyvek wire marker books, which are often sold for much less, have this distinct disadvantage. Our wire markers are designed to stick well and to resist flagging.

Repositionable. Need to reinstall the cable ID? No problem. Tear-proof markers can be taken off. They stick permanently, but can also be removed cleanly.

Affordable. Why pay over $20 for a wire marker book from Brady, 3M or Panduit? Our vinyl cloth wire marker books are the quality leader. But, when you buy direct, you save 50%! See our cross-reference chart to compare part numbers for books from Brady, Panduit, Ideal or 3M.

Free Shipping. All books are in stock. They are made in the US and orders over $25 ship for free.

arrow right Featured Wire Marker Products

arrowfirst Wire Marker Cards

• All the industry standard cards and sheets.

• Letters, Numbers & Abbreviations.

arrowfirst Wire Marker PocketPacks™

• 55 book choices: Letters, Numbers & Variety Packs.

• Convenient to carry and dispense; same great quality.

arrowfirst Self-Laminating Wire Write-On Labels

• Self-Laminating & durable.

• Choose different sizes.

arrowfirst Solid NEMA Color Cards

• 14 color choices.

• Pre-cut labels.

arrowfirst Fiber Optic Markers

• Prevent mistakes and accidents.

• Pre-slotted holes.

arrowfirst HandyPacks of Digits and Letters

• Vinyl cloth labels won't rip.

• 360 markers per book.

arrowfirst Voltage PocketPacks™

• Orange can't be missed.

• Take them anywhere.

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HandyPacks Digits and Letters
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Number & Letter HandyPacks
Electrical Labels, Wire Marker Labels Card, YELLOW
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Electrical Labels, Wire Marker Cards, YELLOW
Electrical Labels, Wire Marker Labels Card, A-Z
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Electrical Labels, Wire Marker Cards, A-Z
Electrical Pocket Pack Wire Marker Books, 0-9
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Premium Vinyl Cloth - Just $8.95!
Electrical Pocket Pack Wire Marker Books, 0-9