Wire Marker Books About Us

Welcome to the WireMarkerBooks.com where we specialize in Wire Marker Books, Wire Marker Cards and Voltage Markers and Phase Markers. Here at WireMarkerBooks.com, we are experts on what makes a quality book and which markers will last the longest. We’ve highlighted a few important characteristics to look for in markers:
Conformability: Conformable wire markers can make all the difference when working with small wire gauges. They are made specially out of plastic coated cloth for durability, too. A favorite of contractors and engineers, our markers lead the industry with their conformability.
Repositionable: Even professionals occasionally make a mistake and need to reposition a cable ID. But don’t worry! Although our markers stick permanently, they are tear-proof and remove cleanly. It is always important to work with tools that are top quality but allow for updates to be made.
Anti-Flagging: Don’t be fooled by cheaper Tyvek wire marker books. Books that flag put you and your job at a huge disadvantage. Don’t find yourself embarrassed of your work because of lower quality markers. Our wire markers are designed specifically to resist flagging and to stick well.
When you are applying markers, you are representing yourself and your work. Make sure you use only top quality, durable markers that will stick. But why pay more than you have to? Many companies such as Brady, 3M or Panduit charge more than $20 a wire marker book! Just because our vinyl cloth wire marker books are the industry leaders, doesn't mean we have to charge a lot. Plus, we offer Free Shipping on orders over $25! True, with prices this low, that means you'll have to buy more than one book. But with such great quality at unbeatable prices, how can you not?
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