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Electrical Cable Wire Marker Books, Write-On Tab
Part# BK-W-6
Size 1" x 3" (H x W)
Color Black
Package 1 Book
Material Adhesive Vinyl Labels [MA-BK-SLV]
Printing Screen Printing What is this?

Wire Marker Book 

Electrical Self Laminating Cable And Wire Marker Books, Blank Write-On Tab

Package : 1 Book • Price per Book
Minimum Qty. 5 • Order in Multiples of 5 Book
Quantity :
Price per Book:
You Save:
Product Description

• White stickers are easy to write on and ensure writing can be read. Visible even on thin wires.

• Write-On Labels mean you can choose what you want to write and how on each labels. Instant customization!

• Self-Laminating Labels protect writing but are clear so they never cover it.

• Made with permanent, industrial-grade adhesive, labels bond to most difficult shapes and surfaces.

• Good conformability and can be used for most curved and even irregular surfaces.

• Labels last up to 5 years outdoors and longer indoors!

• Markers are 1" x 3" and come in books of 60.

• Minimum quanitity sold is 5 books equal to 300 markers.

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