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Solid Wire Marker Cards (50462)

Solid Wire Marker Cards
Need Solid Letter Marker Cards or Solid Number Marker Cards? We have them all. Choose from letters A-Z and numbers 0-99. Cards come in packs of 10, so that you don't find yourself without a Wire Marker Card when you most need one. Below, we've given you 2 options for ordering: Quick Order is an easy to use wizard which allows you to select multiple cards at once, while the All Wire Marker Cards has every card in an easy to see layout. Know what you want? Proceed straight to quick order. Want to learn more about our wonderful cards? Proceed to See All now.
  • • All Wire Marker Cards are made from top quality materials. Designed to be flexible and last for years indoors, our markers are made from cotton impregnated with vinyl.
  • • Markers can be repositioned closely after application. The adhesive backing ensures that they will stick well. But don't worry, they should come off cleanly when you need to replace them.
  • • Choose from 125+ Wire Marker Cards, for all the solid numbers and letters you need. Want to smile? Than simply compare our prices to our competitor's prices right here.
Wire Marker Cards
Wire Marker Cards
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Solid Wire Marker Cards(50463)

Both departments below have all of the Wire Marker Card options. The Quick Order page allows you to access cards by category, so that you can quickly order or re-order multiple cards. The All Wire Marker Cards page has all of the books laid out so that you can see and compare the legends.